How to install Electric Water Heaters

I  know we’ve got different bottles here  but the let’s talk about the short locs  yeah here’s our short models here notice  your 30 gallons short the pre naked unit  had a 20 and a half inch diameter our  standard naika has a 22 right or our  blanketed version is only 20 so we’re  actually smaller that’s us because the  original form factor own diameter which  is great if you have some space concerns  gained a little bit of height right a  little bit of height there and again  that is a brand new unit hasn’t been  offered previously and then you’re 40  and 50 gallon there’s is a standard  naked unit and they pretty much get  about two inches larger across the board  ok so again the 40-50 won’t be available  with the blankets just the the 30 short  that’s right ok what about our low voice  low boys this is always a big question.

What about the lowboy units our 30s and  40s we see here you still have both  options you can either go with the non  blanketed standard naked or the  blanketed naked version the big deal  with with low boys is that 50 gallon low  right now that the 50 gallon low is not  offered and then we look at our side  connects again 30 40 pretty much same  story you can either take the blanket  aversion or the non blanketed version  and again that really comes down to  whether or not you have some space  requirements that really dictates which  one of those you need but you have those  two options what about the mobile home  electric water heaters.

I know that we  make mobile home electric water heaters  did they do any were there any changes a  little bit not real dramatic if we can  look at the graphic here and see here’s  our before April sixteenth our 30 gallon  low and tall and then our forties shorts  we went from a 22 inch diameter on the  30 low to a 22 inch diameter on the 30  low prenat post naika but again that’s a  blanketed version we see that little ass  trick there Tesla said that’s a  blanketed heater now our 30 tall went  from an 18-2 a 19 I’ll in our reference  and that’ll lows and our 40 short again  those short models because of the form  factor of those they’re going to get a  little bit larger that raised about two  inches yes I mean they’re really really  wasn’t a lot of change in the mobile  homes so so let’s kind of talk about you  know.

If we’re replacing our water heater  yeah and I’ve got electric water heater  let’s talk about some options that kind  of walk us through it because that  that’s what really we need to know yeah  I really do yeah pretty much like we was  thought about a regardless of your  application we’ve got an option that’s  available for that and in form factor is  the big driver behind that after how  much hot water delivery it takes so  those are the two things that we have to  look at in terms of options and what  heater is going to be able to go where  so let’s look at here let’s say we take  a 50 gallon tall that’s a pretty  standard unit if you had a 50 gallons  hall electric previously this was a 54  inches tall with a 20 inch Diana now if  you’re going to replace that unit your  first option would be again your  standard naika unit where the extra  insulation is built into the form factor  itself that unit is going to be a little  bit taller it’s going to be 60 and a  half inches tall with a 22 inch diameter .

So we’re gaining 22 inches now in most  cases this is all you’re going to have  to worry about in most cases this  additional 2 inches diameter is not  going to be that big deal you take the  old how old heater out you put this new  eater in by to be no big deal now if you  do run into some space restraints then  your next option is going to be we have  a 50 gallon tall with a blanket ok now  that unit is going to be 60 and a  quarter inches tall 21 inches in  diameter again we’re getting a lot  closer to that original form factor of  the old heater so spaces are concerned  you can go with that one  now there is a fourth option if spaces  is really a concern and we just  absolutely cannot use that 21 inch  diameter with like it’s 20 was the old  one and we have to have 20 there’s no if  ands or buts about it what you can do is  actually go down in size go to a 40  gallon tank okay now.

I know what you’re  thinking yeah your safety they don’t  wait a minute I’m not going to get  enough hot water yeah you’re telling me  that I’m going to take my 50 out and put  a 40 and now I’m not going to have  enough water it’s actually not the case  because by going with that 40 the key is  adding a mixing paddle if we have to  maintain that 20 inch diameter and  there’s no way around it we can move one  step down in size go down to the 40 add  a mixing valve what that mixing valve  allows us to do is now we can adjust the  tank temperature to whatever we want  zactly right because the thermostatic  mixing valve is going to control the  outlet temperature of that water heater  down to 120 that’s what we’re going to  set the mixing bout to that would allow  us to store at 160 i wanted to because  we’re raising the temperature inside the  tank to get to that optimal shower  temperature we’re using a whole lot less  water yeah we’re going to use less hot  water and add more cold water yeah by  adding a mixing valve you can  effectively increase the size of all the  water heater by one size that means by  adding a mixing valve you can take a 40  and make it seem like a 50 make a 30  seem like a 40 just by adding the mixing  valve and raising that tank temperature.

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