How to repair Chipped Blind Kitchen Base Cabinets

For kitchen base cabinets, they always seem to get more and more damaged because of where they are in the home; most people today use blind cabinets to house all their cookware but for these they are so easily chipped at many times. When the cabinets are chipped they can look a little annoying and out of place at times, so that is why repairing them can be very important.

The tools and materials needed;

1. Wood glue or wood putty

2. Sandpaper – fine grit if possible

3. Paint or stain

The first thing in which you could do if you do notice a chip then just try to sand the area down and refinish it. Keep the part that has been chipped for later on because you might need it; but take your sandpaper or sander and sand the area which has been chipped; from there you will a nice smooth surface after all sanding has been done.

If you are required to reattach anything or a piece that has been chipped or damaged in any way then you will have to get yourself some strong wood glue or putty. Now if it happens that you don’t actually have the chipped piece but there is a pretty noticeable scratch then take your putty and fill the area in. You will have to let this dry for a good few hours before you can sand the area down.

To finish up with this project, take your stain or your paint and apply a coat of either on to the cabinets. You will have to wait a good length of time for these to dry however before you can go ahead and continue to use your cabinets again.

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